Mental Illness

     In 2016, Shawn created 31 different mental illnesses as his contribution for the annual inktober drawing series. What we didn't expect was the reaction that would occur only after a few days. Shawn's social media accounts were bombarded with fans who felt they finally found someone who could depict their feelings exactly as they were. Dark, raw, and true. 
    With Shawn's medical and nursing background, and battling with his own mental behaviors of manic depression and ADHD, he and Any Means Necessary realized the potential power we had to start a new conversation on mental illness from a non conventional art style. 
   We wanted to become a clothing line that would be a voice for those who felt they had none, and armor for those who felt and feel vulnerable. We use the term ARMOR UP, because we feel we should use our mental illness and our flaws as armor, not as afflictions, to battle day to day and rage on. We believe we're all unique and through our flaws and behaviors we are special. 
   In 2016 and 2017 we were fortunate enough to donate over $5,000 to mental health research and continue to find ways to give back and fight on against the stigma of mental illness.
Featured in Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Bento, aPLUS, MensXP, and various mental health organizartions.
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