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  • 6x9 hardback edition
  • signed and unsigned options available
  • featuring brand new artwork 
  • featuring the classic stories (with less grammar issues)

From Shawn:

As a child, I was obsessed with the Stephen Gammel artwork found inside Scary Stories to tell in the dark. Each story was short and easy to read, while also unsettling. I couldn't get enough of them and I wanted to pay homage to those great stories with a collection of my own but taking the reader into a darker more uncomfortable place. And ever since I've become a new parent, overwhelming fear and stress have become a new part of my daily emotional routine. 

As an artist, I found the best way to deal with those fears are by creating stories and artwork to help me cope in my own messed up and morbid way.  

 I must warn though, that unlike Scary Stories, there's very little humor in these stories. I touch on subjects of suicide, death, depression, and neglect and much more. It's in no way meant to offend the easily disturbed. It's my way of exorcising my own personal demons and allow myself to battle the hopelessness so that I can move on and grow as an artist and father. This is my first time diving into story writing to accompany my artwork. For years, art alone would help me through troubled times, but since my daughter was born, these creeping fears of losing her couldn't be captured in art alone. So the stories came, and each one has helped me cope with those fears and nightmares. Therapy at it's finest.

KinderGarten, which creepily translates to "Garden of Children" in German, is a collection of 11 creepy stories that I've created over the past couple years. Each vignette is a personal fear I've had since having my children. The book features a young child named Lucy, a very unfortunate young girl who is the focus of each entry and finds herself in some dark situations. Fans of Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark and creepy pasta stories - but who like the darker side of storytelling - will enjoy the horrors I came up with and apologies ahead of time for any lack of sleep you develop.